Wednesday 30 July 2014

Easy Cheesecake

This easy baked cheesecake recipe is really super easy. No kidding. There's no need to bake in a water bath, no need to cool in the oven with oven door ajar before chilling in the fridge, no need to worry about cracks on the surface of the cheesecake.

Monday 28 July 2014

Oreo Cheesecake Cuppies (Non-baked)

恭喜你 恭~喜~你~~

Happy Birthday to me! Made this simple and easy non-baked Oreo Cheesecake Cuppies for myself. :))

Sunday 27 July 2014

Quick & Easy Pizza

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and we were just too lazy to step out of the house for lunch. There's a problem though...I was tired and did not feel like cooking anything that takes up too much time and effort. I opened my fridge and saw...some slices of Tortilla wraps, ham, button mushrooms, cheddar and mozarella cheese. Then I went over to my cupboard and found some cans of tomato paste and canned pineapples. I thought to myself : "Hey! Why not try dumping all these together and make a pizza!"

Saturday 26 July 2014

Lychee Yogurt Popsicle

I have been procrastinating...I had promised my girl that I will make a popsicle with her 2 weeks ago when she saw a FB posting of a fruit popsicle. She reminded me again a few days back and I finally made a Lychee Yogurt Popsicle with her.

Friday 25 July 2014

Vitagen Pudding - Kitty 猫 Pudding

My girl was sharing with me she liked the agar-agar that I bought. That's when I decided to try making a special dessert using her favourite Vitagen drink and the Hello Kitty moulds I bought from Sun Lik.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Steamed Cheddar Cheesecake Cuppies

I've been making baked and non-baked cheesecakes so far. When I saw in Alex Goh's Magic Steamed Cake that Cheesecakes can be steamed, I was immediately intrigued.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Lychee Soya Cheese Tart (Non-baked)

My daughter had a babysitter during her first 2 years before going to childcare. She calls her Mommy Margaret. Mommy Margaret and the whole family doted on my girl and even till now we still keep in close contact. For her birthday this year, I decided to make her a Lychee Soya Cheese Tart. 

Monday 21 July 2014

Mango Butter Cake

The Durian Butter Cake was very well received by my family and relatives. I went on to adapt the recipe to bake a Mango Butter Cake since mango is another favourite fruit of mine.

Thursday 17 July 2014

Orange Chiffon Cake

I didn't have a chance to take better photographs as these 'orange columns' were gone literally minutes after I've sliced them. Yes, they tasted really good, even though they didn't appear very enticing.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Magic Color Chiffon Cake

I've always enjoyed Chiffon cakes. When I saw Tested & Tasted's post on Rainbow Chiffon Cake, I immediately wanted to bake a colourful chiffon cake for my girl who is very into rainbow cakes and anything colourful. When the cake was presented to her, she excitedly squealed "A Magic Color Cake!!!!"....hence I am naming this a Magic Color Chiffon Cake.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Matcha and Yuzu Tart

Tarts are one of my favourite pastries and I've recently found a beautiful combination for matcha and yuzu to make a Matcha and Yuzu Tart.

Saturday 12 July 2014

Mille Crêpes Cake

Mille in French means 'thousand', so a Mille Crêpes Cake will translate to 'thousand crêpes cake'. This beautiful and elegant classic french cake makes a perfect dessert when you want something unique yet uncomplicated.

Friday 11 July 2014

Tiramisu Charlotte Cake

I always like easy and no fuss recipes and Tiramisu is one of them. Coffee lovers will fall in love with this rich and sinful dessert. For a friend's birthday, I've made the Tiramisu into a Charlotte cake. Pretty, isn't it?

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Rum Balls

My friend has bought me a bottle of rum from his overseas trip. To thank him for his thoughtfullness, I decided to make some Rum Balls to share with him.

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Berry Parfait

A good friend wanted to pop by my place for a get-together. I wanted to whip up something fast and yummy to serve my friend and since I have just made some granola, I decided to assemble a Berry Parfait.

Monday 7 July 2014

Homemade Granola

I remember I used to munch granola as a snack while watching television. I especially loved those that contain nuts like almond and walnut. I've been making these snacks recently and would love to share this lovely recipe.


I was told that tiramisu means "pick me up"..."to heaven" from a friend. Come to think of it, I kinda agree. Every mouthful of this delectable dessert is simply heavenly.

Sunday 6 July 2014

Friday 4 July 2014

Nutella Cheese Tart (Non-baked)

 Nutella Cheese Tart (Non-baked)

I love nutella and I'm in the mood for something chocolatey nutty.

Basic Chocolate Sponge Cake

Whenever I want to make any sponge cakes or layered cakes, I will always refer to my fail-proof Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe here. For a cholocate sponge cake version, this recipe I use also doesn't disappoint.

Thursday 3 July 2014

Chocolate Walnut Cookies

My ex-colleague used to bring her bakes to the office to share with us. One of the popular and my favourite would be her almond cookies. I especially loved the crunch of the almonds. I have adapted the recipe she has shared with me to bake a batch of Chocolate Walnut Cookies.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Berries Tart

I love the mouth-watering display of tarts from Fruit Paradise. For my colleague's birthday, I decided to surprise her a fruit tart instead of the usual birthday cake.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

One of our must-haves when we go Subway is their Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. This is also my husband's favourite cookie.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Vanilla Soufflé

This soufflé is heavenly divine!! Every spoonful of this delicate, soft, warm and mousse-like cake warms your heart and sets your heart a flutter.


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