Friday 25 July 2014

Vitagen Pudding - Kitty 猫 Pudding

My girl was sharing with me she liked the agar-agar that I bought. That's when I decided to try making a special dessert using her favourite Vitagen drink and the Hello Kitty moulds I bought from Sun Lik.

I was contemplating between using gelatine, instant jelly powder or agar-agar powder. Nearly wanted to use instant jelly powder as I used that to make my favourite Chilled Beancurd previously (my girl's too!), but decided on agar-agar powder since I've not made an agar-agar for her before.

I used the grape flavoured Vitagen as that's her favourite and added evaporated milk to make it richer and milkier.

It turned out to be really refreshingly good. My girl's face was also beaming when she saw that it's a Hello Kitty!

Vitagen Pudding - Kitty 猫 Pudding

4 bottles of grape flavoured Vitagen (can also use any other flavoured cultured milk)
17g agar-agar powder
210g sugar
800ml water
300ml evaporated milk

1. Put agar-agar powder and sugar into a pot with 800ml water.

2. Bring to boil. Make sure to stir constantly.

3. Stir in vitagen and evaporated milk.

4. Using a ladle, scoop the mixture into the moulds.

5. After it is cooled for about 10 minutes, put it in the fridge to set overnight.

6. When the pudding is set completely, turn out from the mould and serve.

Bon Appetit! 

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