Tuesday 28 April 2020

Kimchi Pancake (Kimchijeon)

I've watched a Korean variety show where celebrity artistes take on the challenge to be cooks at restaurants in other countries. One of the dishes they made was Kimchi Pancake and it was a hit with the locals.

Friday 24 April 2020

Homemade Black Sugar Peal Milk

With the further tightened Circuit Breaker measures due to COVID-19 pandemic, my favourite bubble milk tea and black sugar pearl milk shops are now closed.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Green Bean Sago Soup with Peach Gum

The weather these days is really hot and humid. Staying at home in this weather makes you think of all the cooling desserts to beat the heat. 

Monday 20 April 2020

Mui Fan (烩饭)

Many are working from home during this Circuit Breaker period to ease the COVID-19 situation. One of my daily routine inlude thinking of "what's for today's lunch?"

Sunday 12 April 2020

Burnt Cheesecake

I learnt how to bake this Burnt Cheesecake a couple of weeks ago and realised I've not documented it my blog. This cake was a craze a while back and I'm glad I finally got to bake it finally.

This is a surprisingly easy cake to make and the ingredients are  rather basic. The recipe I am documenting in this blog is a basic one. You can tweak this basic recipe to have different flavoured burnt cheesecakes (eg. matcha, chocolate, vanilla, etc)

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona coffee is the craze of late. I am joining in the trend to find out for myself why this drink is so popular. 

Dalgona coffee is basically milk topped with foam made with coffee and sugar. Also known as whipped coffee or beaten coffee, the drink has origins from India, Pskistan and Macau. It gained popularity from a Korean TV show and Tik Tok, and has become a trend since.


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