Monday 29 February 2016

Chrysanthemum Wolfberry Buns

I've brewed some chrysanthemum herbal drink for the family and thought why not use chrysanthemum to bake some bread? I adapted my usual bread recipe to make these healthy, soft and fluffy buns. 

Tuesday 23 February 2016

Black Beauty Kaya Bun

I've been making charcoal buns with kaya after making Black Beauty Chocolate Chip Bun here. I've been asked if the recipe needs to be tweaked. The answer is no. I used the same bread recipe and wrapped kaya in the buns.

It's soft, moist and yummy!!  

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Matcha Adzuki Greek Yogurt Chiffon Cupcakes

I was scratching my head over what to bring to a friend's Chinese New Year pot luck gathering session. I rummaged through my fridge and decided to use the Chobani greek yogurt sitting there to bake a batch of wonderfully soft and moist Matcha Adzuki Greek Yogurt Chiffon Cupcakes.

Thursday 4 February 2016

What's in a pouch?

Have you ever experienced waking up wee hours in the morning only to realize to your horror you have run out of bread when preparing for your child's breakfast before they rush off for school? Well, that happened to me once and I'm ever so thankful for the life-saving 'pouches' in my refrigerator!

Curious to know what these 'pouches' are?


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