Friday 31 October 2014

南瓜饼 (Pumpkin UFO)

I've never tried making 南瓜饼 (Pumpkin UFO) before. That's why I quickly noted this recipe when I saw it in the book 甜蜜食堂.

I had wanted to translate this to Pumpkin Cookies, but realised this is not the crunchy cookies one would expect. Instead, it's more like the deep fried sweet potato balls that I always enjoy. I'm elated!

I named it Pumpkin UFO when my girl commented it looked like spaceships and UFOs after seeing me flatten the pumpkin 'balls' and coating them with the sesame seeds.

So here's presenting my first deep fried snack --- Pumpkin UFO!

南瓜饼 (Pumpkin UFO)
recipe translated and adapted from 甜蜜食堂

250g pumpkin
250g glutinous rice flour
100g red bean filling
oil for deep frying
sesame seeds for coating (I used white sesame seeds)

1. Remove pumpkin skin and deseed. Cut pumpkin into cubes and steam for about 15 minutes or until pumpkin becomes soft. Pour away any excess water and mash pumpkin with a fork while still hot. Put the mashed pumpkin in a large bowl and set aside to cool.

2. When the mashed pumpkin has cooled down slightly, add in glutinous rice flour bit by bit, mixing them well as you add the flour. Keep adding the glutinous rice flour and kneading until you get a pliable dough that does not stick to your hands and the sides of the bowl.

3. Divide the dough into small portion and roll it into small balls with your palm, flattened it with your palm, and use your thumb to lightly press in the middle to form a shallow dent. Place some red bean filling in the center, pinch to seal the ball and gently press to a form a slightly flattened cookie. Coat with sesame seeds.

4.  In a pot, heat oil to medium heat. Turn the heat on low and  deep fry the pumpkin cookies. Scoop up the cookies once it puffs up. When the oil heats up again, add in the cookies once again to deep fry a final round till golden brown. This will ensure that the cookies are crispier.

If you feel that the pumpkin is not sweet enough, you can add some sugar or honey while kneading the dough.

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  1. this is a very well received dessert in china.. it's great to have a recipe when we can make it at home

  2. at first this is also my do list, but I don't have the red bean filling, so choose the easiest way to prepare this 南瓜芝麻饼,will share out soon, hi hi

    Taking this opportunity to say a big thank you for your great support on pumpkin month and glad to know you via this event.

  3. Look so yummy! I saw this pumpkin ufo posted by some bloggers before. Love the pretty colour :)

  4. Yes,this is in my to-do--list too, lazy's worm attaching my whole body,still don't make it yet...hahaha

  5. Hi LY, without pumpkin, is the dough something like the peanut sesame balls wrapped with ground peanuts, selling with the fried 油条, 'hum chim piang' ? These Pumpkin UFO looked yummy ! like the golden colour and sesame fragrant !

    1. Hi Karen, abit similar to the 'jin dui' you mentioned but the skin more QQ. The first thing that came to my mind was fried sweet potato balls. :)

  6. They look really similar to the "jin dui" or "jian dui" which are more puffed up. I love this kind of fried stuff, brings back childhood memories...

  7. This looks wonderful! I love eating snacks like this, especially with a cup of warm tea. And the name sounds really catchy!
    Sorry for visiting so late, I could not get into your blog a few days ago, don't know why! Thanks for linking with CYB!

  8. Hi LY,

    Sorry for my late visit for this pumpkin post. I didn't know that 南瓜饼 is called the pumpkin UFO... Love this cute name and these delicious treats.




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