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A big welcome to my blog! I'm a full time working mom with a beautiful daughter and a loving and supportive husband.

Since young, I've been awed by the beautiful and delicious bakes and dishes that were churned out from the kitchen whenever I stayed over at my aunt's place during the school holidays. I was always over the moon when my aunt let me help her mash up the bananas if she's baking banana cake or apply egg wash onto the pineapple tarts, I've not attended any formal baking class except for the home-economic class during the 1st two years of my secondary school days.

I've always loved browsing food magazines and drool over those tantalizing bakes and dishes. Other than some occasional bakes during school vacations, I've hardly spent much time in the kitchen to experiment on the recipes I've come across.

It was only a few years back when a colleague of mine inspired me to pick up baking again. Since then I've been trying and experimenting with recipes that was passed to me by friends and relatives, as well as recipes from books and food blogs.

Friends have been encouraging me to start my own food blog to share my bakes and recipes but I've always brushed it aside as I'm not sure if I would be able to cope with my crazy work schedule together with having to take care of my family without any helper.

What prompted me to finally decide to start this blog was when I found it difficult to locate some recipes to share with a friend. Hence the birth of this blog ---- to document and share the tried and tested recipes, and those that I've picked up and tweaked myself along the way in my humble kitchen.

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