Friday 17 October 2014

Purple Sweet Potato Brown Rice Mix (紫薯糙米)

This is great for breakfast or if you just want to settle your hunger pangs in a jiffy. There is hardly any cooking required for this. But this is really healthy for all, regardless of what age you are. 

It's really just mixing and stirring involved. The only part that needed more time, which can be prepared in advance, is making the mashed purple sweet potato. I've used baby brown rice cereal mix for this, so I'm really taking baby food! Haha! 

Purple Sweet Potato Brown Rice Mix (紫薯糙米)
Serve 1

15g Purple sweet potato, steamed and mashed
1 satchet Brown rice mix
80g Milk

1. Mix the mashed sweet potato and brown rice mix to warmed milk and stir well.

2. Serve warm.

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  1. This is really great for my teething baby who is just 8 months old. Too bad I can't get purple sweet potatoes easily, but I think orange ones should be able to do the job too. Thanks for sharing such easy recipes with MTR #3 ! =)

    1. Hi Bee, I'm sure your baby will enjoy the orange ones too! Thanks!

  2. can I use regular brown rice? this recipe is so simple yet healthy your blogs

    1. Hi, you should be able to use regular brown rice, but may need more time unless yours is an instant brown rice mix. :)



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