Tuesday 21 October 2014

Stir Fry Pumpkin with Minced Meat

I'm cooking a few dishes to go with rice and one of the dishes I'm trying out is Stir Fry Pumpkin with Minced Meat.

This is one of those rare times where I cook dishes to go with rice. No specific reason, just feel I should be cooking a proper meal for the people I love.

As a busy working mom, I must confess that I'm not diligent in cooking the typical 3 dish-1 soup meals. Meals are usually store-bought and if I do cook, it will be the quick and easy one-pot meals. I do feel guilty for not whipping up yummy and healthy meals for the family all the time. I try, but it gets challenging when you reach home tired after a hard day's work in the office and only want to quickly finish dinner, wash up and spend time with hubby and daughter. Will definitely need to improve in this area...

Back to this dish. I was chatting with colleagues on the dishes that they do during weekends and one of them mentioned this dish. I find it interesting as I've not tried using pumpkin in meals other than one-pot meals like pumpkin rice and pumpkin fried rice noodles.

It was quite a fun process whipping this savoury sweet dish and I think it goes well with either rice or porridge. Even my hubby, who is not crazy over pumpkin, ate it without any complains. :)

Stir Fry Pumpkin with Minced Meat
serves 2-3

200g pumpkin flesh (without skin), cubed
150g minced pork, marinated with light soya sauce and sesame oil
3 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped
20g dried shrimps, soaked (keep the water)
1 tsp sugar
Some fried whitebait/silverfish (银鱼) - Optional

1. Drain and squeeze out the water from the dried shrimps.

2. Heat 1 tbspn oil in a wok and stir fry the chopped garlic till fragrant. Stir in shrimps till fragrant.

3. Add in the minced pork and fry till they are just cooked.

4. Add pumpkin and stir fry to mix ingredients well.

5. Add in the water from soaking the dried shrimp to just cover the ingredients. Bring to boil and add sugar to taste.

6. Cover with lid to cook pumpkin until soft.

7. Sprinkle with some fried silverfish and serve warm with rice or porridge.

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  1. LY,
    I am a housewife but I cook 1-pot-dish all the time. So don't feel guilty. My mum used to cook this at home, one of my favourites :)

  2. With this month's LTU theme pumpkin, indeed I've learned alot on the various cooking or baking using pumpkin. This dish of yours is healthy and serves well with rice too ^-^!



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