Saturday 11 October 2014

Sweet Potato Balls in Ginger Broth (姜汁番薯圆)

This super healthy dessert was featured in Channel U's "Healthy U: Episode 2". This is the first time I am watching this show and find it really informative and enlightening. This episode talks about the damaging effects of preservatives and additives on our body. It is very common for us to consume food with seasonings that are chemically combined and have adverse effect on our body. Over time, toxins may build up in our body. Hence, it is  very important that we try to avoid excessive intake of such chemicals and eliminate the toxins from our body. 

The consultant has listed a few top detoxing fruits and vegetables. Among them are apples, sweet potatoes, olives, cabbage,spinach, water chestnut and pumpkin. Adding these to our diet will help to improve our bowels, increase the body waste and frequency of waste removal. Through this, our body will eliminate more toxins.
The consultant showed us a super healthy and easy to make detoxifying dessert - Sweet Potato Balls in Ginger Broth. There's no additives, it's easy, economical and ready within minutes.

He has also added ginger to the broth. Ginger is great for detoxing and has many good benefits. 
- The gingerol in ginger reduces inflammation and relieves pain
- Ginger puree is good for joint pain and also stops diarrhoea and vomitting
- Ginger improves blood circulation
- Ginger spikes your metabolism and flushes out waste

This dessert is detoxifying because there is alot of fibre from the sweet potato and ginger improves blood circulation. Hence, this dessert can help us detox faster.

Sweet Potato Balls in Ginger Broth (姜汁番薯圆)
recipe adapted from Channel U's "Healthy U: Episode 2"
(my notes in red)

300g Orange sweet potato (I used 170g)
120g Sweet potato flour (I used about 70g)
30g Tapioca starch (I used about 10g)

800cc Water
1 large tbspn Brown sugar
1 Old ginger, skin removed and grated

1. Steam the cubed sweet potato over high heat for about 20 minutes.

2. Drain excess water and mash the sweet potato while it is still hot.

3. Add in tapioca flour and sweet potato flour and knead to form a smooth and pliable dough. (I added sweet potato flour and knead until the dough is smooth, pliable and no longer sticky)

4. Roll into a thin log or cut into your preferred size.

5. In a pot of boiling water, add in the sweet potato balls and cook until they float. Let it cook for another minute.

6. Prepare a big bowl of ice water. Ladle and strain the cooked sweet potato balls and put them into the bowl of ice water. Set aside.

7. In a separate pot, bring 800cc water to boil. Add brown sugar and grated ginger and stir till all the sugar has melted.

8. Scoop the sweet potato balls into the ginger broth and give it a good stir.

9. Serve.

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  1. Hi LY, this dessert double job in making ... mashed sweet potato and make into balls. Nice ginger & sweet potato soup ^-^!

    1. Thanks, Karen. Indeed more steps required for this dessert. Enjoying the process though as it helps me to de-stress and not think so much about work. :)

  2. Lai Ying,
    When I see your delicious sweet potato balls, it reminds me of DongZhi / Winter Solstice! I see one of the ingredients is sweet potato flour, hmm dun think I can get it here; I do have tapioca flour though. Thanks for sharing the health benefits of this dessert as well as the step-by-step pictures! Not to forget, thanks for linking up :)

  3. good morning! i ve tried detoxification for 2 times but not aware of those detoxing veggies that you mentioned and interesting to learn about adding tapioca and potato flour to the mashed sweet potato . I thot these are like tong yuen where we use glutinous rice flour :)



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