Friday 14 August 2015

Soya Egg Tarts

I bought a few packets of soya milk and decided to experiment on my trusted Egg Tart recipe to make Soya Egg Tarts.

Again, this doesn't disappoint. I didn't finish using all the pastry and kept the extra unused pastry in the freezer so that I can whip up either this version again or the original egg tarts anytime! 

Soya Egg Tarts
makes about 22 tarts

For the Pastry
300g plain flour
2 tbspn custard powder
2 tbspn milk powder
1 tbspn sugar
1 egg (about 60g)
200g butter

Rub-in Method (Cold butter)
1. Cut cold butter into small cubes.
2. Combine flour, custard powder and milk powder and mix well.
3. With fingertip, rub in the cold butter, add sugar, mix well.
4. Add beaten egg, mix to form a soft dough (do not knead).
5. Wrap with cling wrap and refrigerate before use.

For the Filling
280g soya milk
100-120g sugar
200g beaten egg (3 large eggs or 4 medium eggs)

1. Melt sugar in heated soya milk. Let cool.
2. Add beaten egg to soya milk mixture and mix well.
3. Sieve the mixture 3 times.

1. Divide pastry dough into balls of 30g and press the dough into tart moulds.
2. Spoon in the fillings till 90% full.
3. Bake in preheated oven at 200ºC for 20 mins.

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  1. Hi LY, Your Soya egg tarts looks really nice! Would like to have one! Thanks for sharing your post to BREE!

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing your recipe. Do you store the unused pastry in the freezer or regular compartment in the fridge? How long can I store the pastry in fridge for later use before it spoils? Thanks.

    1. Hi If,

      The unused pastry can be kept in the freezer for 1-2 weeks.

  3. Hi LY, May I know which kind of milk powder you use? And can I don't put milk powder in?

    1. Hi Linda,
      I use full cream milk powder.
      The addition of milk powder will add flavour and tenderness to the pastry. I've not tried leaving this out but I suspect the tart pastry may be stiffer without it.

  4. I see the soya filling is so silky smooth. ... yum yum !

  5. hi may I know what kind of soya milk u use? with sugar or without sugar kind?

    1. Hi Ahhuh, I use the original Sobe soya milk. They also have almond soya milk which you can also use if you want almond flavoured soya tart.

  6. sorry to ask again u mention sugar 100-120g wouldn't it be too sweet since its using original milk?

    1. Hi Ahhuh,
      It was ok for my family and I have already reduced the sugar. In fact, during my first try, I bought the low sugar Sobe soya by accident and it was not sweet enough for my family.



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