Monday 25 August 2014

Buttermilk Substitution

I first came across a recipe that requires buttermilk years back when I wanted to make Red Velvet Cake. I nearly didn't manage to bake the cake because I was not able to find this at the supermarket near my place. Thankfully I was given this buttermilk substitute recipe and I have been using this everytime a recipe calls for buttermilk as one of the ingredients.

First, what is buttermilk? Unlike many misconception, "there is no butter, per se, in buttermilk, and it is lower in fat than sweet milk. Old-fashioned homemade buttermilk is the slightly sour, residual liquid which remains after butter is churned, ie. milk from the butter or buttermilk. It was usually flecked with tiny spots of sweet, creamy butter that did not quite make it to the top to be skimmed. The flavor of buttermilk is reminiscent of yogurt and most people prefer it well-chilled. It is slightly thicker in texture than regular milk but not as heavy as cream" 

I find that using buttermilk will give your bakes an extra tangy, moistness and richness. It is super easy and only takes five minutes to make buttermilk substitute. Here is what you do:

Buttermilk Substitute
Source from here
make about 1 cup

Milk (just under 1 cup)
1 tbspn white vinegar or lemon juice

1. Place a tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice in a liquid measuring cup

2. Add enough milk to bring the liquid up to the 1 - cup line.

3. Let it stand for 5 minutes. Then, use as much buttermilk as your recipe calls for.

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  1. I have yet to use any buttermilk in my baking so far... thanks for sharing.



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