Wednesday 25 June 2014

Chilled Beancurd

This refreshing dessert was hugely popular a few years back and you can always see long queues for a bowl of these chilled beancurd at hawker centres. This is one of my favourites too and I never fail to join in the queue at one of those 'Lao Ban Dou Hua' or '51 Soya Bean' stores.

I tried a few recipes for chilled beancurd but liked this best. The recipe was shared by many on the internet. I'm not even sure where it originated from. It was so popular that it resulted in one of the ingredients used in the recipe (instant jelly powder) sold at Phoon Huat to be out of stock island wide!

I remembered calling Phoon Huat outlets almost daily to check if the stocks have arrived. I immediately rushed down to buy myself a bottle once I knew they were here! All the effort was well worth it. I never have to join in the queue for this wonderful dessert anymore as I can always make it in the comfort of my home.

Chilled Beancurd

500ml Vitasoy (or Yeo's Soya Milk)
20g creamer (I used Nestle coffee creamer)
10g instant jelly powder

1. Heat the soya milk over low heat till it is hot. DO NOT BOIL.

2. Stir in coffee creamer till it is fully dissolved.

3. Stir in instant jelly powder till it is fully dissolved.

4. Sieve out the bubbles.

5. Scoop into container and allow to cool down for 5 minutes

6. Put in fridge overnight to set. Enjoy!

Other flavours of chilled beancurd I've tried:
Black Soya Beancurd - Replace Vitasoy with Yeo's Black Soya Milk
Bandung Soya Beancurd - Replace Vitasoy with Yeo's Bandung Soya Milk
Melon Soya Beancurd - Replace Vitasoy with Yeo's Melon Soya Milk

Black Soya Beancurd (left) and Original flavoured Beancurd (right)

Black Soya Beancurd (left) and Bandung Beancurd (right)

Melon Beancurd

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