Monday 21 March 2016

Peanut-Butter Banana Smoothie

After making the Nutella Peanut-Butter Banana Smoothie previously, I decided to try making another smoothie without adding nutella as I was curious how it would taste. 

You can sweeten it a little by adding some honey to compensate for the loss of sweetness from the nutella. I was pleasantly rewarded by another great drink!

Peanut-Butter Banana Smoothie
serves 1

1 ripe banana
2 tbspn peanut-butter
1 cup milk
1 tbspn honey (optional)

1. Place all ingredients in a blender.

2. Give it a good blitz until all are well blended.

3. Pour into serving glass.

4. Enjoy!!

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  1. Hi Nutella Queen! Like this yummy Nutella treat that you have created :)

  2. Yummy! This makes a filling breakfast!



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