Tuesday 30 July 2019

Yuzu Cheese Tart

I did a Yuzu Cheese Tart for a simple celebration using this Yuzu jam bought recently.

The yuzu taste is very subtle so I will add in more in my next attempt. I'm fine with this version though as I love anything cheese. ;)

Yuzu Cheese Tart 
makes a 7 inch round tart

For the base
180g crushed digestive biscuits 
1 tsp sugar
85g melted butter

For the fillings
160g cream cheese, at room temperature 
3 tsp yuzu jam (will increase to 5 tsp)
3-4 tbspn whipped cream
3/4 tsp gelatin powder
1 tbspn warm water

For the base
1. Brush the base and sides of the tart pan with butter. Set aside.

2. Place the biscuits and sugar in a food processor and give them a good blitz till sandy.

3. Pour in melted butter and give it a blitz again.

4. Spread the crushed mixture onto the base and sides of the tart pan, using the base of a spoon to help press down the crushed mixture onto the tart pan.

5. Chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

For the fillings
1. Sprinkle gelatin powder over the warm water and let the gelatin powder bloom. After about 8 min, give it a stir with a spoon. Set aside.

2. Whisk the whipped cream till peaks form. Set aside.

3. Beat the cream cheese with a mixer.

4. Mix in the yuzu jam and the whipped cream.

5. Mix in the gelatin mixture.

1. Spread the yuzu cream cheese mixture onto the prepared tart base.

2. Leave in the fridge to set at least 4 hours or overnight.

3. Enjoy!

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