Wednesday 20 July 2016

Fried Tang Hoon (Fried Glass Noodles)

Many of my friends would know how much I love making easy one-pot meals. Not only do they allow busy working moms like myself to prepare home-cooked and fuss-free meals in a jiffy with minimal washing up, it also takes away the guilt of my family having to eat outside food all the time. 

Fried Tang Hoon (Fried Glass Noodles) is a one-pot dish that I've been whipping up these days, often upon special request from my girl as she enjoys eating this dish.

I've made several 'versions' so far...sometimes with prawns, sometimes with bean sprouts and spring onion, sometimes cooked in non-stick pot for easy washing. Well, it is really 'anything goes' and I cook the dish based on what is available in my fridge.

Do try it. And I hope you will enjoy the dish as much as my family does.

Fried Tang Hoon (Fried Glass Noodles)
serves 4

300g chicken fillet (cut into cubes and marinated with salt, pepper, sesame oil and 1 tsp corn flour)
A handfull prawns (I used frozen cooked prawns)
150g tang hoon
A handful bean sprouts, washed and drained
2 stalks Spring onion, cut into small sections
3 eggs
3 clove garlic, diced
Oil for cooking

1 cup (about 250ml) water + 1 tsp mushroom powder (can also replace with 1 cup low sodium chicken stock)
1 tsp fish sauce
1 tsp light soya sauce
2 tsp dark soya sauce
1 - 2 tsp sesame oil
A dash of pepper

1. Soak tang hoon in water till softened. Drain and set aside.

2. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce in a bowl. Set aside.

3. In a wok or pot, heat about 2 tbspn oil. Add diced garlic and stir fry till fragrant.

4. Add in chicken cubes and stir fry till they change colour. Add in prawn and continue to stir fry.

5. Add tang hoon and sauce and give it a good mix. Allow to simmer till the sauce is soaked into the tang hoon and sauce is almost dried up.

6. Stir in the bean sprouts and spring onion.

7. Push the tang hoon with the ladle to a side of the wok/pot and add some oil to the wok/pot. Add in eggs. Scramble the eggs till half cooked.

8. Toss the tang hoon and eggs together and give it a good mix.

9. Dish onto plates and serve.

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