Thursday 4 February 2016

What's in a pouch?

Have you ever experienced waking up wee hours in the morning only to realize to your horror you have run out of bread when preparing for your child's breakfast before they rush off for school? Well, that happened to me once and I'm ever so thankful for the life-saving 'pouches' in my refrigerator!

Curious to know what these 'pouches' are?

I've never tried these 'pouches' and never knew they existed until Julie of Frosts Food & Beverage gave me some Chobani yogurt pouches to try a while back. These are what they look like.

Some even came with steel cut oats!! (Those are my girl's favorites! Mine too!)

My girl have tried them all and love them to bits! After the breakfast incident, I attest to how handy and convenient this is as a quick, refreshing, healthy, guilt-free and 'on-the-go' breakfast or even snack!

These pouches also have 'caps' that allow you to 'turn' the cap back so you can stop and continue eating a little later. 

Other than consuming these yummy yogurt direct from the pouch like what my girl does, I've also used them in other ways like those in the photos below. 

Enjoying them straight from the pouch:

Pouring into a bowl and have some fresh fruits and walnuts as 'accompaniment' (notice the oats?):

Using them to make refrigerated overnight oats:

Using them as 'jam' on bread:

Using them to make refreshing and healthy frozen yogurt drops (I don't even need any piping bags to do this! Just pipe the yogurt right from the pouches!):

How great is that?!! 

It's simply awesome!!

Go stock up some in your refrigerator! You never know it'll be a life saver the next morning! :)

Chobani Yogurt is available at Cold Storage, NTUC Finest and FairPrice Xtra. 

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post. LY's Kitchen Ventures is given some Chobani Yogurt to sample and try out recipes.

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