Wednesday, 10 September 2014


How about a bowl of piping hot Laksa? This is one of my favourite local hawker fare and I will usually order a bowl without cockles.

I was craving for Laksa and I decided to make myself a bowl of this delectable dish using the cheater's method --- Prima premix!

Laksa is a cross-cultural dish found in Singapore and its neighbouring countries. There are many variations of this dish. In Singapore, the popular Laksa variation is of Peranakan origin. It is typically served with thick rice noodles in a bowl of rich coconut gravy laced with fresh herbs and spices.

It's really easy to put together once all the ingredients are on hand. I asked my mom over to try out my...ahem 'cooking'. She gave it a big thumbs up!!

recipe from Prima premix for Laksa
Serves 2-3

Prima premix for Laksa (the packet contains Laksa premix, Laksa paste and sambal chilli)
600ml water
145g thick rice noodle (laksa noodle)
15g sliced fish cake (or as much or as little you want)
2-3 medium sized prawns, cooked (or as much or as little you want)
28g bean sprouts (or as much or as little you want)
3-4 fried bean curd (tau pok. I used tofu puff)
2 hard boiled eggs, sliced

1. In a pot, stir in all the premixes into 600ml water and mix well. Do not cover the pot and bring to boil on high heat.

2. Add fried bean curd and simmer for another 5 minutes. Set aside this laksa gravy.

3. In a separate pot, cook thick rice noodles and bean sprouts in boiling water. Shake off excess water and portion into individual bowls.

4. Garnish each serving with a few slices of fish cake, cooked prawn and sliced hard boiled eggs.

5. Stir the hot laksa gravy and pour the gravy over the prepared servings of thick rice noodles.

6. Serve hot with sambal chilli.

I am submitting this post to Asian Food Fest #11 Sept 2014 : Singapore hosted by Life can be Simple

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  1. Hi LY,

    I have heard from my Singaporean friends that this premix is pretty good! You have reminded me that I have to make my Singapore food for AFF too :D


  2. things just get easier these days with all these mixes isn't it? i crave good local laksa but in beijing, it's such a delicacy.. thanks for the review on this.. i will look out for it

    1. Hi Vic, these definitely saves us time and makes it easier for us to whip these dishes up especially when we are overseas and difficult ro get individual ingredients to cook from scratch.



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