Monday 8 August 2016

Easy One-pot Braised Soy Bean Paste Chicken

I learnt this easy one-pot dish from MediaCorp's Channel 8 variety show "What's In the Fridge - Ep 5" recently. This is another easy and fuss-free one-pot dish that I so love, and I'm sure many busy mothers will love as well.

This is one dish that goes well with a bowl of steaming hot rice, and has received good reviews and thumbs up from my family.

You have to try it to believe it. 

Easy One-pot Braised Soy Bean Paste Chicken
serves 4-5

Soy bean paste (I used 6 tbspn)
600g chicken (I used mid joint wing and drumsticks)
some water (I added till about to cover the chicken)
15 quail eggs, cooked and de-shelled
8 button mushrooms, stub removed (I used mini portobello mushroom)
3 bulbs of garlic, skin removed
1 red bell pepper, cut into smaller cubes (can also use green or yellow bell pepper)
some sugar (to taste)

1. In a non-stick pot, add in the soy bean paste. Turn heat on.

2. Add in chicken and stir to give it a good mix.

3. Cover lid and let chicken cook till half cooked. Add water and give a good stir.

4. Add garlic bulbs and mushroom. Cover lid and let it simmer till chicken is cooked.

5. Add quail eggs and mix well. Do a taste test and add sugar if desired.

6. Add red bell pepper and give a good stir.

7. Best served with a bowl of rice.

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  1. If cannot eat mushroom and bell pepper, what other vege can i put in to cook?

    1. Hi Michelle, you can add in any other ingredients you prefer like firm tofu, etc.



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