Thursday 21 January 2016

Coconut Almond Cookies

Almond cookies are another of my favourite goodies that I will have in my household during Chinese New Year. 

Hang on!! This is not the usual Almond Cookies I normally make for the CNY festive season, because this time I've made some experiment in my kitchen and voila!'s presenting my Coconut Almond Cookies!!

Making this is a such a joy and definitely a breeze as there's minimal washing (other than your baking trays, you only need a large mixing bowl). 

This cookie is super fragrant and nutty. I must say the addition of coconut really increase the flavour and fragrance of the cookie up many notches!! You can imagine how elated and satisfied I was when my hubby and daughter gave me their 2 thumbs up!

Other than adding coconut cream powder, I've also used Medella's Coconut Oil given by Julie from Frosts Food & Beverage last week to sample and try out some recipes. When I opened the seal, I was pleasantly surprised that there is no smell at all! I also read from the label that Medella's coconut oil is suitable for deep frying due to its high smoke point. I will definitely be using this for frying next time!

Coconut oil has been consumed in tropical countries for thousands of years and packs loads of health benefits which include but not limited to skin care, health care, improving digestion and immunity against infections and diseases. Here are some of the health benefits:

- Treats pancreatitis and alzheimer's disease
- Improves Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes 
- Prevents heart diseases and high blood pressure
          * Increase good cholesterol (HDL)
          * Convert bad cholesterol (LDL) to HDL
- Improves or heals many skin diseases
          * Fungal infections
          * Acne
          * Eczema
          * Keratosis Polaris
          * Psoriasis
          * Rosacea
- Provides peak performance energy
          * Drug-free energy
          * Longer endurance
- Kills candida fungus
- Helps with hypothroidism
          * Increases metabolism
          * Raises body temperature
- Conditions and strengthens hair
- Promotes weight loss
- Cures urinary and kidney infections and protects the liver
- Reduces inflammation and arthritis
- Improves memory and brain function
- Improves digestion, reduces stomach ulcers and ulcerative colitis  
- Effective in healing damaged tissues and infections
- Prevents wrinkles, sagging skin, skin dryness and flaking

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Almond is a wonder food that gives you energy and is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Here are some of the health benefits :

- Lower cholesterol
- Reduce blood sugar levels
- Heart-loving antioxidant powers
- Provide healthy fats and help in weight control
- Reduce heart attack risk
- Protect artery walls from damage
- Help build strong bones and teeeth
- Help provide good brain function
- Nourish the nervous system
- Help alkalize the body

Source from here and here

I'm finding this cookie so addictive that it's difficult to stop at just one! Yes, I'm sealing my containers or these will be gone before CNY is here!

Coconut Almond Cookies
makes around 70 cookies

For the Cookies
180g plain flour
110g confectioner's sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
120g almond meal
85g diced almonds
30g coconut cream powder
125g coconut oil

For the Egg Wash
1 egg yolk, beaten plus 1 tbspn milk 

1. Sift together flour, confectioner's sugar, baking powder and baking soda. Mix in salt, almond meal, diced almond and coconut cream powder and give it a good stir.

2. Add coconut oil into the flour-almond-coconut mixture and mix to form a dough.

3. Shape dough into small round balls and arrange on lined baking tray. (I shaped into round balls weighing around 10g each)

4. Brush with egg wash and bake in preheated oven at 160C for 15 minutes, then bake for another 11 minutes at 130C. 

5. Cool completely on wire rack before storing in air-tight containers.

Medella Coconut Oil is available at Cold Storage and Fair Price outlets. 

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post. LY's Kitchen Ventures is given some Medella Coconut Oil to sample and try out recipes.

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