Thursday 12 February 2015

Seaweed Fritters

I've been getting store-bought spring roll pastry to make these yummy Snow White Fritters, and felt like making something savory instead. So, to add on to my Chinese New Year goodies galore, I bought another packet of spring roll pastry and seaweed from the supermarket to make some Seaweed Fritters.

It is super easy to make.....just brush the sheets of spring roll pastry with egg white - place a piece of seaweed on each spring roll sheet - use scissors to cut into 9 smaller squares - deep fry in cooking oil - remove and drain when slightly golden brown - sprinkle with some salt if desired - VOILA! You've got yourself a yummy snack! 

Easy peasy, right?

You'll love this snack especially if you enjoy eating seaweed!

Seaweed Fritters

A packet of spring roll pastry
A packet of seaweed
1 egg white (for brush on the spring roll pastry)
Cooking oil (for frying)
Salt (Optional - for sprinkling over the seaweed fritters)

1. Brush egg white on the spring roll sheet. 

2. Place a piece of seaweed on the spring roll sheet. 

3. Repeat Step 1 & 2 until you've used up all your spring roll sheets and seaweed.

4. Use scissors to cut each seaweed-spring roll sheet into 9 smaller squares.

5. Deep fry on medium heat until they are crispy and slightly golden brown.

6. Remove and drain away the oil on paper towels.

7. Sprinkle some salt over the seaweed fritters if desired.

8. Store in air-tight container when cooled.

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  1. Oh ya, its super easy alright!! Am loving these for sure
    Tks for sharing with best recipes

  2. Do u think itt can be baked?

    1. Hi Lynn,

      For the Snow White Fritters, I did try baking a small batch as I thought it would be healthier than frying. However, my hubby didn't like the baked version.

      Hence for this seaweed fritters, I did not try baking them.

  3. Sis, this is delicious crunching good, yum yum!!!

  4. Hi LY,

    Easy??? Oh... then it must be my kind of recipe :D


  5. Hi LY,I love these fritters



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