Monday, 24 November 2014

Kimchi Tofu Soup

This is one soup that I enjoy especially on cool weather. It is good on its own as a quick & easy one-pot dish if I add vermicelli (tung hoon), or accompany with other dishes with a bowl of rice. It's super quick & easy, and extremely versatile. You can have a very basic kimchi + tofu soup, or add in more ingredients like meat, crab meat or vermicelli for a more sumptuous and complete meal. 

The best part's ready in minutes!!

Kimchi Tofu Soup
serve 1-2

1/2 250g packet kimchi
1/2 pack silken tofu, cut into smaller cubes
1 bowl of water

Vermicelli (tung hoon) - optional
some meat - optional

1. Add all ingredients into a pot and bring the water to boil.

2. Mix well.

3. Serve hot.

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1 comment:

  1. u r so right that it is a nice warmy dish for cold weather. i've gotta start cokking these in the cold beijing winter days



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