Wednesday 25 June 2014

Wu Bao Chun's Champion Bread Loaf (using Breadmaker)

I've been baking bread using my Zoji breadmaker ever since I've bought it half a year ago. So far the recipe used yield soft and fluffy bread. The only problem was I find that they becomes rather dry and stiff after a day even when stored in an air-tight container. So I was really excited when I saw Victoria's post on Wu Bao Chun's Champion Toast (吴宝春金牌土司) and decided to give this bread recipe a try.

Who is 吴宝春? He is a Taiwanese baker who had been awarded 'Master de la Boulangerie' in the European-style bread category of the 2010 Bakery Masters competition in France.

This bread recipe is definitely a keeper! There is no need to use Tang Zhong for the bread to stay soft and fluffy more than a day. This is one recipe that I will be using for now. It is a simple straight dough method. I used my Zoji breadmaker to bake this bread. The bread turned out super soft and fluffy on the first day of bake. What's more, it stayed soft and fluffy for the next 2 days stored in an air-tight container!!

Look at soft and fluffy texture!!

Wu Bao Chun's Champion Bread Loaf (using Breadmaker)

198g Milk
300g Bread flour
24g Sugar
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Instant yeast
15g Unsalted butter

1. Place all ingredients into the pan except butter based on the sequence listed above or by following your breadmaker manufacturers' instructions regarding the order of liquid/dry ingredients.
(I'm using Zojirushi breadmaker. I placed all the wet ingredients first, followed by the dry ingredients. Make a dent at the centre of the flour and pour the yeast in the dent last, making sure the yeast does not touch the liquid, sugar and salt.)

2. Make the mode selection for your breadmaker.
(For my Zojirushi breadmaker, I chose the 'soft' bread mode which takes 3 hours to complete.)

3. Press start and the machine will start kneading the dough after resting for 15 minutes.

4. When the machine has knead for about 6 minutes, add in the butter.

5. Let the breadmaker do the rest.

6. When the bread is done, remove the bread from the pan immediately and let it cool completely on a wire rack before slicing.

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  1. hello dear may I know if I follow this 300g bread flour, on my breadmaker I should put 450g or 750g? TIA!!!

    1. Mine is a Zoji BM with a 1 pound capacity and it's ok. I have a friend using Kenwood BM250 and with this recipe chose 750g. You may want to try choosing 750g. :)

  2. Hi LY,
    I'm new to yr blog and I'm loving it cos I'm using Zoji BM too. Thanks for sharing the wu bao chun recipe. I've tried the champion white loaf but my bread didn't rise much...the result is soft but not so fluffy. May I have your kind advise as to where it may goes wrong for my bread. Many thanks :)

    1. Hi Stella,
      Hi 5!! Zoji BM is a very good BM! I love the Wu Bao Chun recipe as it makes very soft and fluffy bread. Don't be discouraged by your initial attempts.
      I suspect it could be your yeast. Check the yeast for its expiry date. Sometimes even if the yeast is not expired, it may be 'dead' because it has not been stored in a cool temperature. I've had the same experience when I first started making my first loaf of bread.
      Hope this helps. :)

  3. Hi LY,
    Ya, indeed, Zoji BM is wonderful!
    Thanks for yr kind reply....Im gonna try till it is successful..:)
    Btw, I'm addicted to yr blog... yr recipe are easy to follow... there's so much to bake and cook for me now!!

    1. Hi Stella,
      Thanks for your kind words. It is a great comfort and encouragement to know that my blog is useful in your baking journey. :)
      That's the spirit! Try again and don't give up! :)

  4. Hi, can I make this bread without bread maker? Is it possible? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Yes you can either knead by hand or with a mixer till reach window pane stage then proof.



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