Monday 14 September 2015

Homemade Purple Sweet Potato Filling

This is a year where I'm trying out making my own mooncake fillings. I have bookmarked this Purple Sweet Potato Filling recipe when I saw Ann's post. 

I love it's purple hue and also the fact that purple sweet potato has such high nutritional value. Homemade is best as you have total control over what ingredients you use and also adjust the sweetness according to your preference!

I've made a batch of this filling in preparation of a batch of snowskin mooncakes to be made later.

Thumbs up for this mooncake filling recipe!

Homemade Purple Sweet Potato Filling
recipe from Anncoo Journal

500g purple sweet potato
4 tbspn milk
2 tbspn icing sugar
2 tbspn soft butter (about 30g) - (I use 30g canola oil)

1. Peel purple sweet potato skin and roughly cut the sweet potato into smaller chunks. Steam over high heat until soft. Drain excess water and mash the sweet potato with a fork.

2. Add icing sugar, milk and canola oil to the mashed purple sweet potato and mix well. Set aside to cool.

3. Roll the sweet potato filling into balls of desired sizes. (I wore a powder free and food grade glove)

4. Chill the sweet potato balls in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or until ready to use.

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  1. Hi LY, Thank you for trying this recipe. My family loves this sweet purple filling too and I've promised them to make again for the coming festival.

  2. Hi LY, can this be kept in the freezer to keep for use later? Thanks!

    1. Hi cn, I've not tried keeping in the freezer so not able comment how will the texture of the mooncake skin will be.

  3. Hi..
    Can we use this for traditional baked mooncake?

    1. Hi Febryani, I've not tried using this for baked mooncake but you could try. :)



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