Monday 19 January 2015

Snow White Fritters

This is an unstoppable mouth-popping snack that has many trying and loving it. The best part...other than egg white for sealing and cooking oil for frying, you only need 2 other ingredients and it is super easy to make this super addictive snack!

The main ingredient is store-bought spring roll pastry. I bought a packet of this from the supermarket and it makes a medium-sized bottle of these yummy fritters.

It is really easy to make.....just roll up the sheets of spring roll pastry - seal the ends with egg white - use scissors to snip into smaller strips - deep fry in cooking oil - remove and drain when golden brown - sprinkle with confectioner's sugar - start popping them into your mouth when it's cooled down. Easy peasy, right?

I've made a bottle of these over the weekend and it's thumbs up from everyone in the family! Have named it 'Snow White Fritters' because my girl commented it's 'Snow White' while helping me sprinkle confectioner's sugar over the fried fritters/spring roll sheets.

I'm surely making more of these for Chinese New Year. One bottle is definitely not enough!

Snow White Fritters
recipe translated and adapted from here

A packet of spring roll pastry
1 egg white (to seal the ends)
Cooking oil (for frying)
Confectioner's sugar

1. Roll each spring roll sheets and seal the ends by brushing with egg white.

2. Use scissors and snip the rolls diagonally into smaller strips.

3. Deep fry on medium heat until they are crispy and slightly golden brown.
4. Remove and drain away the oil on paper towels.
5. Sprinkle confectioner's sugar over the fritters.

6. Store in air-tight container when cooled.

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  1. I seldom deep fry food at home. Wish I can try some from you :)

  2. This looks so crispy and addictive too!

  3. what more should i say? frankly, with these kind of snacks, gosh... no other words needed.. just tuck in, eat, enjoy, watch tv, then ask you to prepare more.. wuahahaha!

    thanks for posting such an addictive snack for Best Recipes

  4. A very easy & crispy yummy snack
    Thanks for sharing with Best Recipes :)

  5. Hi LY, I could hear the "crisp & pop pop 脆" sound while munching these snow white fritters !

  6. Snowy!!! Yeah... These treats reminds me of the movie, frozen! Munching these snowy treats sounds very magical to me :D


  7. Quick & Crispy, I am the latest follower of your blog, visit my space too

  8. Hi LY,
    This is indeed a very additive snack. You have given a lovely name for this 'snow white fritter'
    Thanks for sharing !

  9. This snow white fritters is trending in facebook right now. I wanted to try the AF version, but since time is running out, I may try the deep-fried version at my mum's place in SG, so this recipe would come in handy. Thanks for sharing!



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