Sunday 8 July 2018

Homemade Kaya

So far I've only used my Zojiroshi bread maker for making bread dough, pizza dough and baking bread. I finally made use of its 'Jam' function to make myself some healthy and delicious Homemade Kaya recently.

The whole process was super easy. The tiresome job of stirring for more than 1 hour was all done by the bread maker. AWESOME!

Once the whole process was done using the bread maker's 'Jam' function, I used my blender to give the kaya a good blitz to get a smooth and creamy finish.

Viola! Ready to eat homemade kaya. This is as easy and fuss-free as you can get! Not forgetting the fabulous aroma in the house!

Homemade Kaya
makes 4 small jam containers

400ml coconut milk (get only the refrigerated types)
8 eggs
220g sugar
10 stalks Pandan leaves (bundled into a knot)

1. Of the 220g sugar, measure out and place 40g sugar into a non-stick pan or pot. Let the sugar melt and caramalise on low heat.

2. In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs lightly using a hand whisk.

3. Add in the balance 180g sugar to the beaten eggs and mix lightly with the hand whisk.

4. Mix in the coconut milk with a hand whisk.

5. Pour in the caramelized sugar and give it a whisk with a hand whisk.

6. Pour the mixture into the bread maker pan. Add in the pandan leaves.

7. Select the 'Jam' function and let the bread maker perform the job. (My bread maker took 1 hour 20 minutes)
The kaya mixture will thicken up as shown in photos below.

8. When the whole process is completed, the bread maker will make a beep sound. Remove pan with a glove from the bread maker as it is still not.

9. Discard the pandan leaves and pour the kaya into a food processor and blend till smooth. (For me, I pour the kaya into a pot and blend with hand blender until smooth and creamy.)

10. Pour the blended kaya into a clean container. Let cool completely before putting into the refrigerator. (As the kaya is free of preservative and contains coconut milk, it is best consumed within 3 days.)

- My kaya appears very pale as I did not scrape all the caramelized sugar into my kaya mixture. I will do so the next time and also increase the proportion of sugar to be caramelized. 

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  1. Thank you LY for a wonderful recipe. You are certainly very creative in turning the slow traditional method of kaya making into something quick and easy. The kaya came out very well. Perhaps a bit more sugar should be good.



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